TinySeed Tales

--- Rob Walling ---

A highly-produced podcast where each season focuses on the struggles, victories and failures of a startup founder. Recorded over 6-9 months, we are able to weave a narrative that's impossible to achieve with your standard interview format, while maintain the grit and sometimes harsh realities of growing a startup.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 8 | Success and the Ongoing Struggle

    On this final episode following Craig Hewitt of Castos, Rob checks in to get the results of the “no credit trial” decision, and to see whether or not the move increased conversions. ...


  2. Episode 7 | The Growing Pains of Delegation

    This week Craig Hewitt of Castos, feels the pains of a growing team and talks about how his role as a founder must evolve as the team continues to grow. ...


  3. Episode 6 | The No Credit Card Trial

    In this week’s episode Craig Hewitt “turns the business on it’s head” by implementing a no credit card trial. ...


  4. Episode 5 | Building a Business That Runs Itself

    Rob is back with Craig Hewitt of Castos. They talk about learning to delegate more of his responsibilities as a new growth marketer joins the team. ...


  5. Episode 4 | A Bug in the Funnel and Giving Up Control

    Rob does another follow up with Crag Hewitt of Castos, they talk about his new hire (growth marketer) and news of a major break-through. ...